Manhattan Beach, CA

Saturday May 3, 2014

Sandy Duong
Ashley Briggs

Move-in day.

This is the first day of our living together as a unit. Ashley moved out of his home he shared with his roommates in the Southbay and moved into my small one-bedroom apartment in the Valley. The month leading up to the move, Ashley sold all his furniture and downsized the rest of his belongings all within a few days. I, on the other hand, had a hard time throwing away the things I’ve accumulated over the years, convinced that I would be wasting its value.

Ashley helped ease my anxiety, patiently helping me sort out the things I should keep and things I could do without. He consolidated my shelves and I sorted through my clothes to make room for his things. I gave up half my closet space and my freedom to wear shoes inside the apartment. In return, I gained someone who can help me sort through life’s messes. He is by far, the better half in this unit.

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  1. pam, 29 Dec, 2013
    I am his sister in law and this is very sweet. You could not ask for a better person to spend your life with. Reply
    • Sandy, 6 Jan, 2014
      This is definitely the consensus with every one that knows him. Thanks Pam! Can't wait to finally meet you and Jamie. I've heard so much about you both. Reply