Manhattan Beach, CA

Saturday May 3, 2014

Sandy Duong
Ashley Briggs

Our sparkling wine arrived

For those who don’t know, Ashley proposed to me last year at a castle in Calistoga. It isn’t a real castle but a homage to several of the castles the winery owner, Dario Sattui, studied while he was traveling throughout Europe. He imported stone and materials from Europe and replicated all the masonry, ironwork and stonework using the same techniques as they would have in the 1400s. There is even a torture chamber equipped with an authentic iron maiden. It’s pretty impressive. We recommend this place to anyone who will be traveling to Napa Valley.

Because we love their wine and because of what this place means to us, we opted to order their sparkling wine, which will be served during the wedding toast, in lieu of champagne. Our cases of wine arrived yesterday and of course, we had to have a taste. It is every bit as tasty and refreshing as I remember it. I cannot wait for everyone to try it.

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