Manhattan Beach, CA

Saturday May 3, 2014

Sandy Duong
Ashley Briggs

22 days left until the wedding

There is still a laundry list of things we have to do before the wedding and we only have 22 days left to complete them all. I love that we are doing a lot of DIY projects for our wedding, but it becomes quite stressful because we don’t know whether they’ll turn out the way […]


Now that we know who are coming

Now that we know who are coming, we are excited to start the next phase of our planning, the food and party favors. We have read good reviews about the food so are very excited for the upcoming taste test. For the party favors, we will be sending out an email to all the men […]


Engagement Photos

This past weekend was very exciting for us. On Saturday, we had our engagement photo session with Carissa Woo, our photographer at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. I had never been to the mansion before and Ashley thought it would be the perfect place for our photo session. Boy, was he right. The grounds […]

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